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For membership into His Church, we only require what the Bible requires for salvation. We do ask, however, that those interested in becoming active members of this local body take our Explore Series in order to unite us in a common mission and purpose. At these classes, you will learn more about who we are, what we believe, and how you can use your gifts to serve God and His people in our community. Contact the church office for the dates and times of our next Explore Series. To sign up for the next Explore Series click here.
To learn more about us in the meantime, you can look around this website to understand our mission, to know the basics of what we believe, and many of the ministries available to help you grow and to use your gifts. You can also get to know our leadership team and our staff members.
By becoming a member, you will commit to nurturing your personal spiritual growth and the growth of Wasilla Christian Church, while protecting the unity of this body of believers. In turn, we commit to encouraging your walk with Christ, providing opportunities for you to serve, and providing accountability for your personal growth and calling.