Do you have skills? We are not talking about sports skills, but the talents and skills that God has blessed you with that seem to come naturally. These can be mechanical, electrical, cooking, childcare, construction or organization. Wasilla Christian Church is working on creating a list which can be referred to in order to continue God’s work in not only our church, but the community. From time to time, a need comes up which requires a unique skill or talent set that you can help fill. From helping a brother or sister build a wheelchair ramp, painting a shed or even providing a meal, you can make a difference in someone’s life. Showing the love of Christ can even be as simple as providing a truck to move a sofa.
A church is not a building or a location, but a family of like-minded individuals all coming together for the glory of God to do His will and spread His word. What better way than to give to others with the talents you have been blessed with? Please take a few minutes to fill out the skills and talent survey linked below. Bear in mind this doesn’t obligate you to any duties or responsibilities nor, are we asking you to provide a service for free or discounted (especially those who use their skills as a profession or business). This survey only serves as a method to be able to connect your skills and talents with a need in the church and community.
Thank you in advance for completing this survey. Please contact the church office with any questions.
Together we serve, together we show God’s Love.